donderdag 14 augustus 2008

what could be champion of the world

Just a quick post on an even quicker idea.

What with all the user generated content, 2.0, participation of the peoples going on in the world I have an idea:

What if we create the WCEF: World Championship of Everything (u like) Federation.

U got an activity, hybrid of old stuff or something u do with friends: sign up to the website, pick a date for regional preliminaries etc and (most importantly) declare yourself world champeen and allow people to challenge you.

Who does not want to be able to say he is world champion at something, anything??

the Role of the WCEF is the following:

  1. to give you tools to plan your own world championship;
  2. to look for sponsors (local to international) to help you out with any and all costs;
  3. help you quickly determine whether the current format is ok, or needs some adjustment to make it spread;
  4. fighting indifference and cynisme by promoting the cause of doing something/anything to world champion standard, instead of doing nothing;
  5. buying every world champion a cold beer;
  6. to make sure that the broadcasting rights are fairly distributed amongst all the championships;
  7. to facilitate the breakaway of succesfull championships on their own (as with everything; money changes stuff, so why not make the split amicable)

just an idea (or a widget; or tv show; or nothing)

What...did I hear anybody say Innocent ;)

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