woensdag 2 januari 2008

Note to self: a sense of awe

"We use all of the five senses to create the sense of a sixth one"
Criss Angel, Mind Freak

10 Commandments of nouvelle cuisine

January 2008... the time everybody wakes up from their food and liquor induced sleep and makes the commitment to getting back in shape.

In light of that (and my own fascination with great cooking and even more, great chefs) I will be posting tidbits from the art of cooking.. there are obvious links to marketing, comms, planning, business etc. Sometimes I will expand on them (when I feel I have some usefull comments), but mostly/hopefully you'll get the point just by reading them.

So...let's start with the ten rules of nouvelle cuisine, as written by Gault and Millau:

1. Thou shalt not overcook

2. Thou shalt use fresh, quality produce

3. Thou shalt lighten thy menu

4. Thou shalt not be systematically modernistic

5. Thou shalt nonetheless seek out what the new techniques can bring you

6. Thou shalt avoid marinades, the hanging of game, fermentations, etc.

7. Thou shalt eliminate brown and white sauces

8. Thou shalt not ignore dietetics

9. Thou shalt not cheat on thy presentations

10. Thou shalt be inventive