vrijdag 15 februari 2008

playing for a better future

Free Rice was and is a great succes. in it's slipstream comes this , village the game. Or as they say in their own words:
"Instead of being mayor, be an entrepreneur. Build and run companies that transform lives. Village is a realtime strategy game for the PC that immerses the player into the role of an entrepreneur building companies to bring prosperity to the villages of the Third World. "

note to self: looking glass

"The essence of design lies in the process of discovering a problem shared by many people and trying to solve it."

Kenya Hara

dinsdag 12 februari 2008

in the shadow of power lies influence

It is primary season in the USA, so here is a nice article about the two men behind the Democratic candidates Obama and Clinton, Mark Penn (from the book microtrends) and David Axelrod.
From a marketing comms point of view very interesting stuff.
And to my readers in the USA (hahaha, ) whatever you do....do vote