donderdag 14 augustus 2008

n to the h presents: lazy person's guide to briefing volume I

Basically all briefs can be boiled down into achieving two goals:

business goal and comms goal.

On the business goal side it's about one of three ( or a mix of the three):

  1. get new customers
  2. retain current customers
  3. get more out of current customers

On the comms goal side it's about one of two:

  1. create a "I knew there was a reason I liked his product/company/etc" reaction
  2. create a "I never thought of it that way, that's interesting"reaction

Of course multiple business goals are mixed with the two comms goals. Like getting more out of current customers could need a "I never tought of it like that"reaction, etc..

The supporting evidence to help your agency along is:

  1. new feature
  2. new product
  3. old product
  4. old feature
  5. mental position in relation to current culture

So there you have it.. the lazy person's guide to briefing.

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