vrijdag 25 juli 2008

six simple rules for changing you life (always wanted to write tabloid headlines)

take a look at the clip. It's from a documentary called Air guitar Nation. It follows the ups and downs of random people chasing the title of world champion air guitar. The doco in itself is one of the funniest, hartwarming pieces of movie I've seen in a long time.

But it also reveals a simple framework forward in a world where parity in all aspects of our lives triggers a pavlov-esque reaction of buying ourselves out of blandness.

perhaps a bit simplistic, but it comes down to a couple of things:

  1. the act is the reward
  2. the act can not be bought or have a physical manifestation of it's reward
  3. finding others to enjoy it with you ( we do stuff so others can see, let's be honest about that)
  4. being a member comes at a price (monetary + participatory)
  5. doing something that requires you to have a point of view (satisfiying our inate desire to be different among likeminded )
  6. the act has real and symbolic meaning to you and the group (think dieting, walking for elders, digital bingo etc..)

This it not new, but it seems like an effective business model on a small scale. Air guitar is making money (be it to mostly to cover cost like venue and travel). And local seems the future, from enviromental points of view, so why focus on physical scaling of businesses (scaling digital beats its hands down)?

So go out do something that makes you smile and better for it, do it together and enjoy..

Just some thoughts

have a nice weekend

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