dinsdag 10 juni 2008

note to self: what is it in itself?

if the bloke in the picture has found a way to make a light bulb glow without electricity, why the fuck is he trying to contain the light in his hands? There's not much fucking use having a great idea if you dont let anyone see it.(andy@cynic.com)
Over at Rob's blog there was a post about some workshop about ideas + creativity. The comments went in to detail talking about the above poster offering the workshop.

The comment above shows us (me) the importance of asking a basic question when reviewing strategy/ creative output: Does it hold up without additional support? For if your output only works with you standing there and explaining the point that people should get from the output, well things get messy and sloppy and no end will be met. Basic stuff, but worth remembering.

2 opmerkingen:

Cynical Rob zei

You know Andy will regard this post as a declaration of love ;)

niko zei

He already likes me after I offered to help make his Campbell problem go away, so it's only fair to return the compliment. hahah!

but it is a very lucid and sharp breakdown of an ad...makes me sorry for the guys down the office at cynic who walk in with fresh meat..uh I mean work