zondag 8 juni 2008

note to self: lessons from hiphop

One of those obvious things, but good to remind myself of (and I kinda wanted to share two great songs, so I forced a planning-esque lesson in it..haha).

It's ok to borrow. As long as it's a stepping stone for something new and fresh. So go into other fields of business/life and sample and remix, but don't become just a coverband.

Case in point.

Evidence A

Evidence B

2 opmerkingen:

Charles Frith zei

"We love this rap shit"

Big doors fan me but that line over admittedly one of the weaker Doors albums is an offence.

Niko H (nom du guerre) zei

Actually Charles, it's "we runnin this rap shit". Which I guess they love, and you perhaps still see as a weak line hahaha..

anyways the reason I like the song is because of the condenced way it tells two big stories in two verses...It's the first great rap battle since KRS One and MC Shan had the Brigde wars...here is a link for the context + backroundhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takeover_(song)

As for the doors song, well they had better, but the samplingskills are on par..