donderdag 3 april 2008

TD library: reducing sick leave

Here is a example of transformation design, whereby action is deliberately made difficult in order to achieve new behaviour.

Hema, a dutch department store, has halved the sickness absence. Employees must nowadays "call in sick" online, where they must fill out a questionnaire directly. Online "calling in sick" raises the psychological threshold according to the inventor of the system. From six up to sixty questions are asked online and the employee must still ring his boss. The boss does not get to see the answers given in the questionnaire, but he does build op files so that patterns can be detected.

The reason I find this example interesting is that it is not about making something easy with regards to changing behaviour, but making stuff more difficult in order to be better. Complexity actually is intended, much like a bank vault, or the way casino's are designed to keep players in house.

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