zondag 30 maart 2008

TD library: green wave

Driving home this morning was a joy; the sun rising in my face, some good tunes and better company made the ride home nice. But that was not what was so special about the
trip home (sorry Martina..:-) .

What was, was the fact that I hit 7 straight green lights. In...a....row. But I nearly missed two of them.

Why? Because once I was driving below 50 km an hour, once because I was going to fast (about 75 km).

Now off course this could have been a coincidence, like beating the spread on a full matchday, but some searching on the net proved that in fact it was not.

I had caught a perfect wave; the green wave to be precise.

To quote:

A green wave is an intentionally induced phenomenon, in which a series of traffic lights (usually three or more) are coordinated to allow continuous traffic flow over several intersections in one main direction.

Any vehicle travelling along with the green wave (at an approximate speed decided upon by the traffic engineers) will see a progressive cascade of green lights, and not have to stop at intersections. This allows higher traffic loads, and reduces noise and energy use (because less acceleration and braking is needed). In practical use, only a group of cars (the size is defined by the signal times) can use the green wave before the time band is interrupted to give way to other traffic flows.

What this achieves is that drivers are indirectly made to choose between a great ride or a ride with start and stops. It alters behaviour to a more favorable type. better for the enviroment, better for the engines, better all around.

But the kicker for me is the human element. You drive to fast, u will not hit the green lights. This will cause agro for your fellow drivers who do keep tot the preffered speed. Social controle will occur and the herd will sort out the extremes.

Simple, understated, effective planning and execution. Huraa for Holland... (and Denmark, but since I don't live there, who cares)

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