woensdag 5 maart 2008

word is bond

picture courtesy NY Times

“No matter what happens tonight, we have nearly the same delegate lead that we did this morning, and we are on our way to winning this nomination.”

Interesting quote Senetor Obama gave last night. Let''s break it down.

No matter what happens = why the hell are you, the voters, even bothering

We have the same delegate lead = It's not you that matters, it's the moneymen, so Yes We (aka team Obama) can, but you (aka the grassroots) will have to wait and see.

Perrhaps my cynical mind reads things into something totaly innocent, but I get the feeling that for Obama you could write down CEO or CMO speaking to their employees or parnters, and then people would find the shadows more believable, because most of us have seen it happen.

“No matter what happens,” the CEO said, “we have nearly the same profit margins, our stockprice will not suffer, and we are on our way to providing our customers with great product and services.”

Yes we will hold ourself to the highest standard, yes we will put the customer first, yes we will forget everything we said before once the power that be seduce us to compromise a bit..and a bit, and a bit...
Aritstole wrote that everything is done with an eye towards something else....but then again, sometimes a quote is just a quote...
Questions anyone?

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