woensdag 8 juli 2009

the era of High Concept returns

"High concept often has themes based on an existing area of popular fascination—such as sharks, dinosaurs, flying saucers, the Titanic, and so on— thus having a ready-built foundation of subsidiary issues and ever-ramifying facts that can feed the machine, on levels ranging from the superficial to the intellectually or factually exhaustive".wikipedia

Better go and read this. Now that (at breakneck speed) technology enables us to belong to, and interact with likeminded people from around the world, the art of doing stuff that is: 

"easy (flows naturaly with needs and wants, instead of creating them artificialy) to sell (cash is king again) to a wide audience(facebook being an example: more and more oldies instead of just kids) because it delivers upon an easy to grasp idea that is original, interesting, colorful and sometimes humorous (pull people together and give them something to do)", is a skill marketers need to get reacquainted with.

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