zaterdag 16 mei 2009

Clients remember: output and risk not input and gains matter when judging creative work

The cultural and commercial worldwide success know as MTV Unplugged came about by sheer luck and coincidence.

Bon Jovi was asked to perform at the '89 MTV Awards. The crowd at home and in the audience responded with great enthusiasm to their stripped down version of two great electric songs. Executives at MTV took a chance and ran with it. The rest is history.

Never judge the work on how it came about. Best never to ask either. Only judge it by the outcome. For the process is often times messy and unruly and sometimes literally just takes seven and a half minutes to produce great work.

And don't worry if it will become a hit. You don't know. Look at the risk instead. If the downside is something you will survive, take a chance, so at least you know what does not work and you can move on to something else.

Nobody got ahead by staying at the back of the pack.

3 opmerkingen:

peggy zei

i m not taking the piss, in case you are wondering... i like this quote, too: "strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." (einstein)

and it does seem to fit the context!

NH zei

peggy..yes you are right. it does fit the context. You are quite the clever one aren't you :)

I would of thought the post below would have caught your fancy..but perhaps you already knew everything about getting dates and doing advertising

In that case..why did you not share what you knew. Could Of saved me some embarrasing moments, ha!

peggy zei

thank you for the compliment niko. though i was just quoting...

trust me, i don t know everything. which is why i m also experiencing embarrassing moments from time to time :) and unfortunately, nothing can save me from this. but it makes life interesting and sometimes even more fun, doesn t it...