dinsdag 12 februari 2008

in the shadow of power lies influence

It is primary season in the USA, so here is a nice article about the two men behind the Democratic candidates Obama and Clinton, Mark Penn (from the book microtrends) and David Axelrod.
From a marketing comms point of view very interesting stuff.
And to my readers in the USA (hahaha, ) whatever you do....do vote

3 opmerkingen:

Cynical Rob zei

I'm doing some work with Mark Penn and I have to say he is bloomin' brilliant. His Hilary strategy might be falling abit off the rails, but how he got Bill through the Monica debacle shows the power of his societal understanding.

Niko Herzeg (nomme du guerre) zei

Having read his book, I can only conlude that indeed he has great understanding of the power of statistical analysis.

However, when it comes to political consultants, he is not how I drink my tea..

I like the Carvilles, Axelrods, Roves, Morrises...the type that can combine gut instinct and numbers and create a powerfull campaign...this I guess a ties in nicely with my love for the underdog (and all the above have/never won/participated in national campaigns untill their candidates chose to run)

anyways..cheers for dropping by

Cynical Rob zei

I know what you're saying - and I agree - but without doubt in the Bill Clinton situation, he really understood the wave of society, even if he didn't always have the statistical data to back him up as the situation called for him to work on the fly - so to speak.

As for dropping by, I do it every day, I'm just lazy with comments ;)