maandag 13 oktober 2008

weapon of choice pt 4: stuck for inspiration

Oasis are mad for the Beatles.

Little Steven has love for garage rock.

Nickelback are stuck in the Seatle grunge sound.

When it comes to inspiration I have to admit I am also stuck.

Certain albums, movies, books always seem to offer up deeper insight than the last time I checked them out.

Same goes for the era in advertising called "the creative revolution". The time of Bernbach, Krone, Lois, Koenig, Callaway, Della Femina, Gossage.

Although the current times offer up a great deal of stimuli, food for thought and are truly interesting times, when in comes to all out-aim for another universe- type inspiration the 60's are my era.

Perhaps it's the fact that they were pioneers, troublemakers and the art of advertising was held in higher esteem. Sure it's a sentimental view, and there was shite back then, but still..

But strip all that away and what get's me everytime is the power and abundance of the ideas. Some would say that it was also the era of the mass media, and you could buy your way into popular demand.

Perhaps. But mostly thought it is the sheer audacity and freshness (after all these years) that stands out. There is no need to contexualize the work (like say some of the work that was done prior). There is no need to explain the thinking behind it. it speaks for itself.

So here's to the brave admen and brave clients, to sharp ideas and great execution.

And here's to hoping that the next decade out shines the 1960's. It's about time, don't you think.

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