woensdag 12 maart 2008

what if...we collectively expressed our individuality

image courtesy http://www.exactitudes.com/

This post is most def not rocket science but the following hit me:

Why is there not a growth in collective blogs? Doing some basic research (?) shows that blogs are basically social clusters.

Besides the personalized templates, twitters, delicious and last fm thingies and some egotripping, why not all join in on one blog?

It seems to me that the most fun is bouncing ideas of one another and replying on comments.

Yes there is such a thing as a blog roll, and there is facebook and the like, but still...

Perhaps I am just to lazy, but what if everybody just got the same space and posted??

if you like the idea and have a decent name...please post a comment... If you have objections, please tell me those also..

2 opmerkingen:

Cynical Rob zei

I like this - how do you see it working?

Niko H (nomme du guerre) zei

at the moment very simple:

either we get a wiki type blog and share passwords so everybody who wants can post;

or somebody comes up with a 2.0 thingy wereby all the post of everybody are automatically teleported to the common site..

I get the feeling that people are more of a roadblock then technology..

at the moment this is as clear a the idea is to me..

Then again if u know anybody else who has a better implementation, please steal this outline and run with it