dinsdag 19 februari 2008

Ben is back

A little local news....Holland will see the return of Ben...a very succesfull telecom provider that was bought by T-Mobile....here is a link to their youtube channel

The agency that did all the great work the first time is Dutch pride and joy KesselsKramer.
They signed on again, minus Kramer who left the comapny in 2005. The campaign kicked of last evening with 3 minute commercials on tv. It was a great trip down memory lane...
My only question is: should they have done it (and probably make a shit load like al bands that reunite, ala Police & the likes) or should they have just pulled an Ian Brown and vowe to never bring back past magic... (and yes..I will use every excuse to bigg up King Monkey, no matter how far fetched)
Nostalgia is a fleeting sentiment to build something on, unless the product is that good....
to be continued

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