donderdag 31 januari 2008

weapon of choice

I like gangs and honour stuff. whether it be in my choice of music, films, books I have been discovering lately.. in my thinking.

There is something about the premise that it's you and the people you have known all your life achieving something agaist the odds...not just rags to riches, but sharing the wealth..

This all came to me as I was cleaning up my collections of music and motion pictures and I found all this stuff that I had bought and really loved

top albums recovered from clean up:
Born to run
Definitely maybe
reasonabe doubt

top movies I found while cleaning up:
Carlito's way
La haine

The pattern is now everywhere I look. from the Acount Planning assignments that I have made, to the real world marketing stuff I do at my job...when I can pick a fight (with another brand or whatever it is I want my brand to rally against) I seem to do good work...

So what I am really trying to figure out is: do personal traits belong in the work you do for clients, or should one always (much like an actor) get in character and think from the brand point of view? of course you should adhere to the stuff that's already there, but should you check yourself at the door?

2 opmerkingen:

lauren zei

fabulous! up there with marcus aurelius and zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance.

niko zei

tnx, Lauren (I guess). I would love to hear your thoughts/answers to the questions posed, because I don't really have an answer yet..