zaterdag 12 januari 2008

note to self: there is no I in customer

Chefs cook and create dishes when they are not hungry, people eat when they are....(anon)

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Cynical Rob zei

That could also be used for Planning :)

Niko Herzeg (nomme du guerre) zei

Mister Campbell...welcome

It just occured to me...was that post about your PA with the pimp shirt in response to my post about playa/pimps?? :-)

Charles Frith zei

Pimps are well underated. I like that thing about the Chefs. Nice line.

niko zei

thanks.. Charles

I laughed quite hard when I read your post on TIGS about the most brutal cockblock by a chinese women...

and of course your other posts on punk planning about more serious stuff are very usefull as well..

thanks for stopping by