maandag 17 december 2007

ecological separatism

the above phrase is an idea I have been playing with. it's having cities, states or regions declaring ecological independence from national governements. Perhaps even going to the Kiyoto Courts (still to be set up, where one can argue why ecological needs superceed national law). could it work? could New Orleans go solo if Brad Pitt's plan works?

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Charles Frith zei

John Grant talks about when the Corporation demands that supply chain sticks to ecological rules. We need rules, enforcers and a few wolves.

Niko H (nom du guerre) zei

But the rise of the citystate is an opportunity to increase eco laws. NY + Bloomberg being the obvious example. Cali + Schwarznegger being another (cali being one of the largerst economiesin the world).
these two places have a cleaner bill of health then their respective nation to which they belong.

Funny way of looking at it is that the Republicans who advocate less central governement might actually be responsible for the disintegration of the US when local governements take more power.

Bet they did not see that coming when they elected the W one ;)